The Sorrel

Common sorrel or Garden sorrel (Rumex acetosa) is native to Europe and Asia. The word sorrel comes from the term "acidulus" in Latin which means acid.

General information
Herbaceous perennial, also called "spinach dock" or "Narrow-leaved Dock", it stays in place from year to year. Its leaves, which have a tangy taste before flowering, are eaten raw or cooked. There are dozens of sorrel varieties but only a few are grown here.

Hardy Yes
Watering Regular
Exposure Semi-Shade
Lifespan Perennial

Sorrel is a plant that is easy to grow, very fast growing, which propagate by seeding or, faster and easier, by root division.
It can be done in spring into the soil or at the end of winter under shelter. Usually it takes about 10 days to sprout. As soon as the seedlings have several leaves (a few weeks later), they must be lifted into small tufts spaced about 20-30 cm in all directions.
Root division:
The division can also be realized in autumn as long as the weather is neither too cold nor too hot. This requires digging the foot of the plant and separate the strain as much as desired, provided to leave at least one sheet to be buried, then replant each mini-strain. If you do not do anything, this aromatic plant has the ability to multiply itself!

Location / Exposure
It is a condimentary plant that likes semi-shady places. It enjoys sun in spring, but in summer, a place in the shade or partial shade will be preferable. It needs light, humus rich, and especially fresh soil.

Sorrel does not require a lot of attention, but a few small cares allow it to have a good growth. For example, to prevent it from bolting to seed and to favor the emission of new tender leaves, it is necessary to cut flowers as soon as they appear. It is also necessary to maintain certain freshness at the plant foot. For this a mulch can be put on it. In winter, it is necessary to add compost and to watered enough. Every 3 years, it is recommended to divide the sorrel foot to give it a facelift.

About 3-4 months after sowing and 2 months after planting, harvesting can begin and can last until frost! It is better to choose the leaves which are the most developed and which have reached a sufficient size of about 10 cm. In general they are consumed immediately but can also be frozen.

No worries for the winter! Very hardy plant, sorrel is resistant to cold.